Used presses for sale

Examples of previous used press stock are shown below.

Our stock is continually changing, so if you are looking to purchase a used press please contact us to discuss your requirements, as we may have other presses for sale. 

Used 19 Tonne Daniels Hand Operated Upstroke Hydraulic Press (Ref 3766)

This Daniels 19 ton up stroking hydraulic press with electrically heated platens has been fully refurbished.

Complete new rod assembly with bronze glands and new main ram seals.

New bronze table guides x4 and new heat insulation x1.

Surface ground moving table and press head.

Complete new hand pump assembly with corresponding oil reservoir with solid/flexible pipework.

New pressure gauge.

Complete refurbishment of the top and bottom platens, 25cm width x 36cm depth. Both faces of existing platens have been surface ground. Replacement heating elements - working temperature 240° max. ​Upgraded heat insulation, high density H330 - maximum working temperature 280°.

Complete new electrical control panel including x2 West controllers with SSR. o/p and with on/off selector switches. Process timer with relay output. X2 SSR, with fuse/MCB protection. Sounder and/or indicator for end of cure time, or end of cycle.

Two thermocouples. Flying lead with three-phase industrial plug.

The press has been fully tested at the WHS workshop and finished in European industrial green. Calibration certificates will be provided for the pressure gauge.

To include: Electrical drawings and original press specification datasheet.

Price: £10,900 plus VAT.

Delivery and commissioning available at additional cost, if required.

Delivery: Four to five working days.

Used Mackey Bowley 25 Tonne Hand Pump Operated Upstroke Hydraulic Press

Fully refurbished and in excellent condition, this hand operated press is available to buy now.

This press is a 4-column construction.

The moving table is fully guided.

The pressing plates are bolted to the moving table and press head, these are surface ground.

The pressing face is 18" X 18". The daylight between pressing plates is fixed at 8". The maximum ram stroke is 6".

A tonnes pressure gauge is located on top of the press.

The press ram/cylinder assembly is a single acting spring return type and comes complete with in-built 2-stage hand pump and oil reservoir.

​The press has been painted with industrial primer and in the Mackey Bowley standard green.

The press is supplied complete with a suitable fabricated pedestal type base unit, which the press is mounted to. The base unit has been painted to match the press.

The maximum floor area of the base frame is 36"².

Price: £3,180 plus VAT. ​ ​​​

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