Spare parts & wokshop services

Spare parts

We supply spare parts for a large variety of presses and associated equipment and have a good relationship with our suppliers to ensure a quick turn around.  

We hold an extensive stock of parts complemented by a vast database of suppliers where we can source original parts.
 For examples see here.

We hold spare parts for Daniels and Mackey Bowley presses. 

We can supply all grades of hydraulic oil in any quantity and at competitive prices.

Hydraulic hoses

We hold in stock a large selection of hydraulic hoses, fittings and CE approved hose restraints. 

We are also a supplier of stainless steel braided PTFE and convoluted hoses for chemical, steam and hot water applications.

If you require a hydraulic hose to be made to order, bring your old, damaged hose in or let us know the specifications you require, and one of our engineers will build the hose to your requirements. 

Workshop Services 

With the benefit of a large well-equipped workshop, we can take on any task  required from cylinder repairs and pump refurbishment/repair to powerpack building. 

Our workshop capabilities include: welding bay, paint booth, lathe, pipe bender, oil analysis and oil tank cleaning, flow meters and pressure transducer.  

Our local customers just pop in and we are always happy to help fix their machinery.