Bespoke Services

Press refurbishment & modifications

Our refurbishment service includes all hydraulic, electrical and mechanical aspects.

We can modify and/or fully refurbish your press to suit your specific requirements. 

Our service includes on-site commissioning and hydraulic/electrical drawings. Delivery can also be arranged.

We always have a range of used presses for sale or know of presses that our customers want to sell - these can be customised as required.

Press relocation and installation

Our experienced hydraulic and electrical engineers can decommission, relocate and recommission presses, as required. 

Whether you are installing a new or used press or planning a facility expansion or relocation, you can reply on us to safely and efficiently plan, move and install your press.

Our team will install the press and machinery at its new location, test and ensure it is up and running efficiently. Where specialist lifting equipment and/or packing is required this will be organised by us. 

Bespoke powerpacks

We supply custom power packs for various applications, utilising the latest pump technology. 

We can work with you to ensure the power pack meets your specific requirements providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for you. 

Our power packs are energy efficient  (resulting in lower electricity bills), quiet whilst running, have self contained cooling (a chiller unit is not required), are easy to maintain and service and are ideal for a ring main application or for small presses.